Turning Target. Standard pistol & 3/7 Trainer

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Standard pistol & 3/7 Trainer.
ISSF electronic training turning target

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An indispensable companion for training in various disciplines, the Galt SONS Standard 37 Trainer offers 5 training programs:

- Accuracy 150 seconds

- Speed 20 seconds

- Speed 10 seconds

- Accuracy 5 minutes

- Speed "Duel" (target displayed 3 seconds, hidden 7 seconds)

Obviously intended for 10m shooters (accuracy, standard pistol, 3/7) but also for ISSF 25m shooters (standard pistol, 25m pistol) and TAR (Military Speed, a french discipline) who wish to be able to train with air/CO2 weapons wherever they want, at home, at the range, at friends' houses or on vacation, in the warmth, and at the time they want. Of course, the weapons and distance change and there is no question of shooting this target with 22LR or .45, but the technique does not change.

Also perfect for recreational shooters who want to spice up their home shooting sessions.

The Standard 37 Trainer is composed of 2 elements (a target and a control box) that communicate with each other by radio. So, no wires running for 10 meters :-)

Lightweight, easily transportable.

The target system is equipped with a metal bumper (2mm steel) to protect from lead impacts.

The attachment system of the targets is metallic for obvious reasons of durability.

This system is designed to shoot facing the target with compressed air (or CO2) 4.5mm weapons
Shooting distance: 10 meters
Install the target in a safe environment at a height of 140 cm.

To be used only in a dry place.

Works with 2 power adapters (included). For the moment: only European plug, 220V, 50Hz.

The user will be responsible for the safety (including glasses for shooters and spectators, environmental protection, missed shots, ricochets, etc.) and the recovery of the pellets.

Colors may vary.

Registered model.

The prototype had been presented here:  : https://www.facebook.com/100044829874839/videos/707559887431161/

Tags: electronic target, training, dry fire, ISSF, home training, short distance

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