Match Organizer + 32 tubes

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2 match boxes + 32 tubes

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Match box for storing powder and semolina tubes, and support for these pods and balls during the match.

For 13+1 match shots + 2 rescue shots.

Small footprint on the shooting table.

The same box serves as a support and as a storage box.

The first matchbox is designed for:

- the blow of buckling
- 6 first matches (numbered from 1 to 6)
- 1 emergency shot (in case of any problem)

The second match box is designed for:

- the last 7 matches shots (numbered from 7 to 13)
- 1 other rescue shot, always "just in case".

This kit contains:

- 2 match boxes
- 32 tubes (tubes are empty)

Balls are not sold

Color may vary.

(R) Galt Sons.

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