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50 primer-block

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50 Galt Sons ULTRA HIGH RESISTANCE "primers-blocks"

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50 Galt Sons ULTRA HIGH RESISTANCE "primers-blocks"


Absorbs the explosion of the primer by deforming then return to their original shape to contain the pieces of primer.

Use flexible material to limit the risk of breakage.


Compatibility with primers: CCI10, CCI11, RWS 1075, 1075+, Scellier Bellot N ° 4, and all those of the same type.


These primers come to be put directly on the primers posed on the chimneys.


Advantages :

- Redirects all the flame of the primer through the chimney
- Prevents the initiation of bursting and coming to lodge in the moving parts of the weapon in order to limit incidents of shooting.
- Avoid dirtying the blanks of the barrel with powder projections and residues.
- Maintains the primer on the chimney preventing it from falling before (and after) the shot
- Reusable.


Made in France with a semi-flexible PLA polymer offering high impact resistance and made in Europe.

Color: may vary

Available in quantities of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500

Important notice : weapon and barrel are not for sale

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