"KIT5" Remington 1858 New Army cal.44 Speed Loader

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"KIT 5" SPEED LOADER REMINGTON 1858 mod New Army, caliber 44

Fast loading of the barrel.

Powder "Volume"
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SPEED LOADER REMINGTON 1858 mod New Arly, caliber 44

Fast loading of the barrel.


The SPEED LOADER is design to use round balls. Contact me to make a SPEED LOADER suitable for other types of ball or other types of revolvers.


A SPEED LOADER is composed of 5 pieces:

1) 1 main body. The main body is pierced with 6 cylinders whose volume corresponds to the volume to fill chambers with the black powder + semolina.

2) 1 "powder" lid. The lid is brightly colored (fire / danger / powder ... the idea is that you easily identify the side that contains the powder)

3) 1 semolina lid.

4) 1 doser. It serves to determine the volume of powder. You can order other dosers.

5) A filling ring. It serves to help you fill the cylinderswith powder and semolina. Without this ring, you would put powder "everywhere" except probably in the body of the SPEED LOADER :-)

This kit contains:

- 5 main bodies
- 5 "powder" lids
- 5 "semolina" lids
- 1 measuring device (doser)
- 1 filling ring
- 1 user notice (on demand)

Print quality.
As on all my achievements, I make a special effort to ensure the best rendering of parts. Do not hesitate to compare.

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